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19 Mar Year 4 have been on their Visit to Southport Eco Centre today. I received this wonderful email from them this aft…

19 Mar Y4 were able to explore the importance of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and build their own solar…

19 Mar Year 4 have had an absolutely fantastic time learning all about Natural Disasters and Rainforests. — feeling inspir…

15 Mar Year 2 had lots of fun learning about St Patrick's Day today. We made our own leprechauns and sang leprechaun songs!

7 Mar It’s the last of our bagel and a book sessions - today it’s the turn of year 3! Come and join us at 9:15am.

6 Mar Some fantastic singing from members of our choir last weekend.

5 Mar

5 Mar Come and join us tomorrow for a bagel and a book with your child in the school library. Tomorrow's session is for Y…

5 Mar Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon examining evidence left in our classroom. Who could have made such a mess?

4 Mar I wonder which character visited Year 3 and 4 this morning????