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22 Mar Finally, we went on a short night hike searching for wildlife.

22 Mar We warmed up considerably whilst we sung songs around the bonfire!

22 Mar What an amazing day!!!!!!

22 Mar We also had a ‘swinging’ time on the rope swing across the stream, some of us got even wetter!

22 Mar What a busy day it has been! We got slightly wet but had great fun building a dam in the stream.

22 Mar Team games are working the breakfast off nicely.

22 Mar Breakfast - cereal followed by sausages and beans. Then toast and jam. A big breakfast ready for a BIG day.

21 Mar Tea time was a big hit today.

21 Mar We are having a little bit of ‘chill time’ before we have a bedtime story. — feeling tired

21 Mar Having a great time here in Wales. So far we have been on a long nature walk. Played games on the field and we are…