Vine Tree Primary School

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Leaders so far........... Key Stage 1       Kestrel 399 points                                    Key Stage 2       Eagle 1377 points

House Teams


At Vine Tree the children are allocated a house team that they will be part of for their time at school.

House points are allocated to houses and children will join their house team for various event throughout the school year such as sport day.

The house teams are:



Year 2 Captain - Millie Thomas

Vice-Captain - Jonny Blundell

Year 6 Captain - Darcey Vawdrey

Vice-Captain - Alban Cali


Year 2 Captain - Joel Cooper

Vice-Captain - Darci Evans

Year 6 Captain - Jazzmin Taylor-Jackson

Vice-Captain - Ruby Jones


Year 2 Captain - Aaron Pittem

Vice-Captain - Lilly Tatton

Year 6 Captain - Kye Plant

Vice-Captain - Maggie Chen


Year 2 Captain - Alora Arslan

Vice-Captain - Reece Strickland

Year 6 Captain - Kelsey Stockton

Vice-Captain - Teigen Mirceta