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Year 6 - 7 Transition Links

We know moving up to High school can be a scary thing and here at Vine Tree, we're here to support you as you make the next big step in your school journey. 

On this page, you can find links to different High School's transition material. 

Miss Handley will also use this page to upload Year 7 style work and transition booklets, for you to work through on your own, with older siblings already at High School or with your parents.

The page will be updated weekly with new 'Year 7 style' work. 

This week, we would have been visiting the college campus, to take part in Primary College. This year however, things are being done slightly differently and Primary College has gone virtual!
This week, we would have been visiting the college campus, to take part in Primary College. This year however, things are being done slightly differently and Primary College has gone virtual!

Use this 'How to Guide' to access all the Primary college resources. Copy and paste the webpage from Step 1, into a web browser, to get started.

Children should work through each interactive session, recording their answers in the accompanying workbook.

Session One: Being Awesome

Session Two: Unlocking Your Mind

Session Three: Dare To Take Risks

Session Four: Making The Change

Session Five: Lost But Not Lost

Session Six: Bouncebackability

Session Seven: What Is Normal Anyway

Session Eight: Friendships and Fallouts

Session Nine: Living Well

Session 9

Session 8

Session 7

Session 6

Session 5

Year 7 style activities.

*NEW* Year 7 Food Technlogy Lesson

*NEW* Year 7 RE Lesson

Year 7 Chemistry Lesson

Year 7 French Lesson

Year 7 Design & Technlogy Lesson

Year 7 English Literature Lesson

Year 7 Science Lesson

Science Research Cards

Sandbach High School

  • A series of videos ( one has already been sent to parent).  The videos are;
    • Tours of the school.
    • Assemblies.
    • Series of question and answer videos.
    • Introduction to departments and taster lessons.
    • Parent workshops,
  • A subject based workbook,  containing activities from all curriculum areas.
  • Smart moves book
  • Regular email contact via parents contact emails
  • https://sandbachhigh.co.uk/admissions-2/

Video for parents.


  • A number of virtual transition activities (some already live on their website)
  • 'Have a go activities' where each department has created a Y6 task and accompanied it with a video to help students become familiar with staff.
  • High school 'taster' lessons (coming soon).
  • A virtual open evening where students will meet their form tutor and parents/carers will be given key information (dates to be finalised).
  • All students who are attending Shavington Academy will receive a 'smart moves' book and we will then follow this up when they do attend next academic year.

The Oakes Academy

This workbook should be used to accompany the interactive PowerPoint lessons on the left.

Session 4

Session 3

Session 2

Session 1.

*New* Year 7 English Language Lesson

Year 7 Geography Lesson

Year 7 PE Lesson

Year 7 Computing Lesson

*NEW* Year 7 RE Lesson

Year 7 Music Lesson

Year 7 Geography Lesson

Year 7 PSHE Lesson

What your High School is doing for you.

In this section, you will find a summary of what each High School is putting in place to support your transition into Year 7. 

Resources may be updated at a later stage, so keep checking back for updates.

Brine Lees


  • Nine weeks transition programme that will be emailed home each week
  • Throughout the weeks we will be revealing the house they are in and their form tutors.
  • Virtual interaction with their form tutor (hopefully) via Microsoft Teams
  • Heads of Department to put together a top 10 of what they would hope the year 7’s to be able to do in each subject before September.

Sandbach School

Sir Thomas Moore

  • A number of videos from various curriculum areas and members of staff, so that pupils will get a glimpse of the changes that secondary school brings.
  • Conference call for parents (questions to be emailed to Mr Hardacre beforehand).
  • Transition tasks emailed out (coming soon).
  • https://www.st-thomasmore.cheshire.sch.uk/Parents/Transitions/


  • Q & A Zoom call with students attending (please let Miss Handley know via the class email if you want to take part and your questions). 
  • Currently in the process of contacting students. They will be receiving packs this week and will know their form tutor.
  • Using smart moves transition booklet (funded by the LA)
  • Virtual Maths, English and Science lessons (estimated to be ready 20th June).