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School Policies

School policies cover every aspect of school life and our policies describe explicitly how we do things at Vine Tree Primary.  They address the practical implications of how we achieve our school vision and ensure that our agreed values underpin day-to-day decisions and actions in school. They are concerned with key processes within school and are about the interactions between staff, pupils, parents, governors and our local community.  
Some policies are statutory and required by law, while others are discretionary and cover additional areas. Many of our policies are based on model versions provided by the Local Authority; others we build from scratch to reflect what we believe to be best practice. All of them are carefully considered and regularly reviewed by staff and governors before being adopted.
Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. Click on the links to read individual policies and as usual, if there’s anything you can't find or you have any queries about please contact the school and we’ll be happy to help.

We have 3 categories of Policy:

  • Statutory - covering major strategic areas required by law.
  • Discretionary - additional policies covering additional areas, not required by law.
  • Curriculum - policies on specific subject areas of the curriculum. These are all discretionary.   Our Statutory policies can be seen below and some of our most important discretionary policies are also shared on this page.

Statutory Policies

 Accessibility Plan 2023 - 2026.pdfDownload
 Accessibility_Policy .pdfDownload
 Behaviour_Principles Written Statement.docxDownload
 Charging_and Remissions Policy .pdfDownload
 Children Protection and Safeguarding Policy September 2022.pdfDownload
 Complaints Policy and Procedure.docxDownload
 Data_Protection Policy.pdfDownload
 equality-objectives action plan .pdfDownload
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Discretionary Policies

 Acceptable Use of Social Media Letter to Parents and Declaration form.docxDownload
 Administering_Medication Policy.docxDownload
 Adverse_Weather Policy.docxDownload
 Anti-bullying_Policy_ Pupils.docxDownload
 Child_Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy_ Feeling Safe and Happy at School.docxDownload
 Pupil_Code of Conduct.docxDownload
 Social_Media Code of Conduct for Parents.docxDownload
 Social_Media Policy parents, children and staff.docxDownload
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