Dane Bank Avenue, Crewe, Cheshire CW2 8AD

01270 661526


Vine Tree Primary School

Learn, Included, Respect, Enjoy, Treated Fairly


Teaching Staff

Mr Locke

Head Teacher

Miss Woodward

Leader of Learning, Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Welsh

Year 2 Teacher

Miss Johnston

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs. Walker

Deputy Head, Reception Teacher

Mrs. Timmis

Year 1 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday)

Miss Thomas

Leader of Learning, Year 6 Teacher

Mr Holt

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs. Brocklehurst

Year 1 Teacher (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Cope


Miss Culverhouse

Key Stage 2

Mrs Begum

Year 5 Support Assistant

Mrs Thomas

Key Stage 2

Administrative Staff and Site Manager

Mrs Taylor


Mrs Beck

Key Stage 2

Mrs Choudhury

Year 6 Support Assistant

Miss Mills

Reception Support Assistant

Mrs Reid

Key Stage 2

Mrs Scott

Key Stage 2

Mrs Steele


Midday Assistants

Mrs Hill

Office Staff

Mr Vitale-Simpson

Site Manager

Mrs O'Neill

Miss Cooper


Mrs Carroll

Mrs Choudhury


Mrs Beckett

Mrs Begum

Mrs Hughes

Mrs Kewley