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Welcome to Reception - September 2021

Now the children have started school full time I have decided to update our web page. Below you will find out more about what the children will be learning in Reception. You will first see our timetable which looks very busy. We teach each of the subjects in very short sessions, followed be some group work and lots of 'Get Busy 'time which is free play inside and outside. Mrs Taylor and I have been very pleased with how the children are settling into our daily routines in Reception  and I'm sure they will enjoy the new lessons which we have planned for them. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the email address below.

Mrs Welsh


HOME LEARNING  PROJECT - Please bring to school on Friday 15th October

I hope your child is enjoying doing some of the activities below on the Home Learning Project. They do not need to complete all the activities - just choose 5 or more that your child is interested in. I would love to see photos of your child's homework on Tapestry please. The children always love showing off  their achievements to the rest of the class and it's a great time to encourage the children to talk and listen to each other.

PHONICS LESSONS  - Read, write, inc

Mrs Taylor and I will be teaching your child to read and write a letter each day at school. We begin teaching this week the letters m,a,s and d. Your child has been given a phonics homework book so that they can share with you what they have been learning at school and you can help them to practise reading and writing these letters.



I hope the children are enjoying reading with their new reading books. Please find a quiet time to share your child's reading books and record what you have read in your child's homework diary. Please remember books are only changed on Mondays and please return all three books each week.



Over the next two weeks the children will learn to match and sort objects by colour, size and shape. They will learn to explain why an object is the same or why it is different. You can support your child at home by playing matching games with socks or shoes and by playing traditional games such as snap or finding pairs. 


Please keep in touch with me by using Tapestry. I would love to see photos of your child at home completing homework, reading, learning new skills such as riding a bike or cooking. Together we can build a great profile of your child's time in Reception, something that you will be able to keep forever at the end of Reception.

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Mondays   -   PE kit to be worn and bring red reading bags to school

Wednesdays  - PE kit to be worn

Every day  -  named water bottle, jumper/cardigan and named coat.

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