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Remote Learning

In the event of needing to self-isolate or household-isolate, some children may have to be absent from school for up to 10 or 14 days respectively. If this is the case, these children and their families can access our Remote Learning to make sure that they keep up to speed with the work that is being covered in school whilst they are away.


Accessing Remote Learning

We are continuing to provide regular, structured work for any children who are at home for isolating purposes due to COVID-19. We upload a timetable for each year group and ask that parents ensure that their child completes this learning. The timetable we provide covers a range of subjects and they cover the same learning objectives as those being taught in school for those who are attending. By following the timetable of lessons, this will help ensure that all children (whether in school or not) will have covered the same content. It will help your child not fall behind as a result of being absent from school.


All work completed during the week must be emailed to the year group email address so that teachers can monitor how absent children are doing. 



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