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Year 1

Dear Year 1 and Parents,

We hope you all had a lovely relaxing half term. It was a very much deserved break, after all the fantastic home learning you have been doing.


We have lots of fun and exciting work planned for you in the coming weeks. Hopefully it won't be too much longer and it will be safe for us to be back together!

Until then it is so important that you keep engaging with the sways and learning from home.


Please continue to email us your child's completed work on a daily basis, where possible. If you have printed off the activities then photographs would be perfect.

Parents can contact Mrs Timmis (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Morris (Thursday-Friday) with their child's work and any learning queries by emailing:


Please note - The year group email address will only be managed during the school day, during term time. Due to the teachers working in school, it may take longer than usual to receive a response.

World Book Day 2021- Our Key Worker Book Nooks!

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We have added a link to the image below that will take you straight to this AMAZING website, full of games for all levels of phonic ability.

Learning Challenge

Science - Plants

Religious Education

The Easter Story

Reading Books - Get epic

We are encouraging children to continue with their use of Get Epic.To log in to access your child's books , go to www.getepic.com/students. Then click on students and enter our class code xhu2424 and read as much as you like! I will assign some new reading material on here in line with the topic we are learning about. 


We have assigned some new collections for you, to match our topics in English, Maths and Science. I have also created a 'Challenge Corner' with books for the advanced reader....Happy reading!

See the information below if you wish to sign up for Get Epic.