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Year 2

Below you will find this week's remote learning for Year 2 children should they be self or household isolating. The timetable and resources can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

We are always happy to help!..

Parents can contact Miss. Johnston with any learning queries by emailing the following email address:


Please note - The year group email address will only be managed during the school day, during term time. Due to the teachers working in school, it may take longer than usual to receive a response.

Friday 24th September

 Star Home Learner Certificate.docxDownload
 Y2-Autumn-Block-1-WO7-Compare-numbers-2019 (2).pdfDownload
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Thursday 23rd September

 Labelling a boat.docxDownload
 Roll and Read ER.docxDownload
 Spelling Shed Scheme Stage 2 Lesson 3 The j sound spelled with a g - Lesson 3 (1).pdfDownload
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Wednesday 22nd September

 How to make a jam sandwich.docxDownload
 partitioning in different ways by exchanging Wed.docxDownload
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Tuesday 21st September

 Commas in a list activity Tuesday.docxDownload
 partitioning in different ways by exchanging.docxDownload
 Word Search 'aw'.pdfDownload
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Monday 20th September

 part whole model - maths.docxDownload
 roll and read.PNGDownload
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Friday 17th September

 Commas in a list activity.docxDownload
 Friday o-e.docxDownload
 Partition and Recombine numbers.docxDownload
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Thursday 16th September

 How to find the buried treasure instructions.docxDownload
 naughts and crosses i-e.docxDownload
 Y2-Autumn-Block-1-WO2-Represent-numbers-to-100-2019 (1).pdfDownload
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Wednesday 15th September

 How to build a sandcastle instructions (time openers).docxDownload
 WED a-e.docxDownload
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