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School Re-Opening Information June 15th 2020 - update 10th June 3:00pm

COVID-19 Re-Opening Organisational Plan - Children of Key Workers and Reception Children

To help share what school will be like to our children, please take a look at the following video that shares the school routines in child-friendly language. 


The government has set out that Key Workers, vulnerable and Reception children are to be prioritised which means, regrettably, we are currently unable to reopen for children in Year 1 or Year 6, unless they are the children of key workers.

There are several reasons for this decision including the need for adequate staffing and adequate classroom space to ensure our school is ‘COVID secure’. Furthermore, due to larger than anticipated Reception numbers, we will have to operate our one Reception Bubble on a two week rotation (one week in / one week out).

 Our 4 bubbles are as follows:-

  • Key Worker Bubble 1
  • Key Worker Bubble 2
  • Key Worker Bubble 3
  • Reception Bubble 1 – Group A and B (in for 1 week, out for 1 week)

Bubble Organisation

The Detail

Children will not be returning to school as they previously knew it and it will look and feel different for them, however staff will work together to make the ‘new normal’ feel just as welcoming and secure as it always did

Before/After School Entry/Exit Procedures

There will be a one-way staggered system to enter and leave the school site.

Only one parent / carer may accompany the child to school and hand them over to staff at the allocated drop off point for their ‘bubble’ maintaining a 2m distance. Brief messages can be relayed but anything more must be done by phoning the school office once back home.

Parents must not gather at entrance gates or enter the site without a pre-arranged appointment.

Children MUST arrive at these times to minimise social contact with other bubbles. Latecomers will not be admitted.

 If any children have an appointment during the day, they cannot attend school that day.

As children enter the school in the morning temperatures will be taken using a non-invasive thermometer which points to the forehead and does not contact the skin.  Any child with a temperature above 37.5 degrees will be sent home to be monitored by you. Please do share with your children that Mr Locke and Mr Ross will be at the entrance with gloves and mask on to take their temperature.


  • All children will sit at their own table, with their own personal equipment stored in a box below their place and movement around the class will be very limited.  
  • Cloakrooms will be closed off and children will be asked to put their coat on the back of their chair.
  • Children will need to bring in their own individual water bottle on a daily basis – rinsed and refilled.
  • There will be a one-way system in operation around the school to direct anyone from the ‘bubble’ group needs to move from their base. Pupils will be asked to follow markings on the floor to stay away from each other in the style familiar now in supermarkets and shops.
  • Pupils will not be lining up; they will be using floor markings to keep safe distances from each other and will need to move slowly between the 2m spaces.
  • Soft furnishings and soft toys will have to be removed from the learning environment.
  • We will be unable to: sing, have assembly, access the trim trail, share resources, gather (other than with the children in the designated ‘bubble’) or have any events, trips or visitors 
  • Teaching will be done from the front of the classroom, to ensure staff are at a safe distance.
  • The curriculum will place high importance on hygiene, wellbeing / mental health and learning new routines along with time to discuss this period we are going through.

Lunchtimes and Playtimes

  • Children can bring 2 snacks to school, in disposable wrapping, which they MUST be able to open on their own.
  • Playtimes and lunchtimes will be taken in the designated limited bubble group – there will be no contact or coming together with any other pupils and breaks and lunch times will be taken at different times for us to be able to achieve this.
  • All lunches will be school or home prepared packed lunches which will be eaten in their bubble group. If your child is bringing their own packed lunch from home, please ensure all cartons and utensils are disposable, in a disposable bag not a lunch box and your child is able to open and access all the wrappings and seals.
  • If you are in receipt of Income Based Free School Meals, the Free School Meal Voucher Scheme will cease if your child is attending school as a packed lunch will be provided.

First Aid

First aid equipment will be available in each classroom. Staff will provide minor first aid to any child who requires it within the ‘bubble’. Protective equipment, apron, gloves and a mask, will be worn when first aid is administered.


  • Children will wash their hands every time they go outside, come back in and lots of times in between. Classroom sinks to be used when possible
  • Apart from accessing the toilet there will be no other children movement around school once inside.
  • No bikes or scooters to be brought into school.
  • Parents may provide an alternative soap and hand cream if they wish as increased handwashing can cause dry, sore skin.
  • The children will have no need to bring a bag to school. Parents will be asked to take coats home if the weather means they will not be needed through the day and children and staff need to wear tops that mean arms are bare to the elbow to allow for more thorough handwashing.  
  • Children will not be allowed to bring in equipment from home, bring a bag to school or bring their book bag to school. Children will not require their PE kit.  We will not be able send any reading books home. Children will be encouraged to use online reading resources instead. 
  • The school uniform policy will be relaxed. Children must attend school in fresh, clean clothes each day. Clothing can be non-uniform.
  • Children who intentionally do not follow strict rules will be given two warnings. If they continue to deliberately disobey the strict rules on social distancing and or hygiene routines, then the leadership team may ring parents and that child may be sent home.

  • Parents and children will need to read, sign and understand a new COVID-19 Home School Agreement
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 Home School Agreement covid19.docxDownload
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