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Welcome to Reception  - MAY 2022

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 Time is flying and we are now into the summer term. This term we will focus on teaching the children to write simple sentences and perfect their letter formation. We will also continue to read every day , listen to stories, talk about books and learn comprehension skills. The children will also continue to work independently on short tasks to help prepare them for their move to year one. We have a very busy term ahead indeed!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the email address below.

Mrs Welsh


PHONICS LESSONS  - Read, write, inc

The children are continuing to make good progress with their phonics learning. We are spending a lot of time at school practising to read the green words speedily. This is something most children are finding tricky and need a lot more practise.

Please continue to help your child read and write their letters with the phonics homework books that I sent home. It takes a lot of practise to remember how to write all the letters of the alphabet with the correct letter formation.


Below is a sway for your child to practise their read write inc sounds set 1.

When your child is confident reading all set 1 sounds then they are ready to practise the special friends on the sway below.

NEW WORD GRIDS - Click on  each grid  and click your way through the pile of cards. Please only work on the grids that your child has in their orange grid book.

HOME LEARNING  PROJECT - Please bring to school on Wednesday 25th May.

This terms activities are based on OUR SENSES. Please encourage your child to choose 4 or 5 activities that they are interested in. I would love to see photos of your child's homework on Tapestry please. The children always love showing off  their achievements to the rest of the class and it's a great time to encourage the children to talk and listen to each other.

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ENGLISH AT SCHOOL - These are the stories that we are reading together as a class. The children are  enjoying learning some reading comprehension skills with these texts.


The children learn a new poem each couple of weeks and they really enjoy this. Below is our latest poem.


Try to read with your child at least 3 times a week. Please find a quiet time to share your child's reading books and record what you have read in your child's homework diary. The phonics blending books and red reading books should be re-read each time you read together . This will build your child's confidence and fluency. Some children will also bring home a printed sheet from their group read with me. This is just a little extra practise to help your child begin to read in simple sentences.

Books will continue to be changed on Mondays and please return all three books each week. Grids will also be tested and updated every Monday afternoon.

Bingo books

- I hope your child is enjoying reading the bingo books with an adult. They should have read quite a lot of them by now. Keep reading.


The children will learn to count up to 100 and look at the patterns these numbers make. They will continue to learn about how each number is made and how each number can be made in different ways.  The children will also be learning about the days of the week, 2D shapes, weight and measures and continue to practise writing numbers from zero to ten.


This term the children are learning to say colours, farm animals and types of transport in ffrench.

Keep counting to 10 in french...


Please keep in touch with me by using Tapestry. I would love to see photos of your child at home completing homework, reading, learning new skills such as riding a bike or cooking. Together we can build a great profile of your child's time in Reception, something that you will be able to keep forever at the end of Reception.

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Mondays   -   PE kit to be worn and bring red reading bags to school  - 3 books and orange grid book.

Tuesday - New grids will be returned home.

Wednesdays  - PE kit to be worn

Every day  -  named water bottle, jumper/cardigan and named coat.







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