Mission Statement

At Vine Tree . . .

• There are no invisible children

• All engage

• Everyone will shine

• Our children reach for the star



As a child at Vine Tree . . .

• I have a chance to dream and my dreams are fostered.

• I have many cases to showcase my talents.

• I am encouraged to understand my emotions and

manage them.

• I experience the joy of discovering nature.

• I experience the joys and wonders of Crewe and the

surrounding area.

• I am a school, local, national, and global citizen.



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Our Mission Statement is based on our 5 Key Values:

Enjoy, Respect, Treated Fairly, Included and Learn

• Our school is a friendly, caring community in which

everyone is valued and respected.

• We encourage a high level of self-esteem, ensuring all

reach their full potential.

• We offer a relevant curriculum with flexible approaches

to learning.

• We aim to create a stimulating environment.

• We value and hope to promote honesty, co-operation,

tolerance and courtesy.



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