Our Phonics Approach

Early Reading is taught using a DfE validated, systematic synthetic phonics programme called Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc is taught daily in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Children who still require support with their phonics in Key Stage 2 continue to receive intervention using the Read Write Inc programme.

Read Write Inc

Within the English language, there are 44+ sounds that children need to know in order to sound out/Fred talk any unknown words. As children build their knowledge of these sounds, they will in turn develop their fluency. This means children will be able to read words, with the sounds they know, at a glance. It is vital children read fluently in order to understand what they have read.

Within our RWI lessons children will:

  • Learn the 44+ sounds and the corresponding letters/letter groups
  • Learn to read words containing the 44+ sounds using Fred talk and sound blending
  • Learn to spell words containing the 44+ sounds by segmenting
  • Read from a range of storybooks and non-fictions books matched to their phonic knowledge
  • Develop comprehension skills in stories by answering 'Find It' and 'Prove It' discussion questions

Reception's Reading Journey

Please see below for the presentation and documents shared at the reading meeting on 10.10.2022

How you can help at home

1. Develop your own knowledge on how to say the sounds. The video below shows you how to correctly pronounce each sound.

Set 1 sounds and the beginning of Set 2 sounds are taught in Reception.

By the send of Year 1 children will have learnt all of the sounds which are then assessed in the Phonics Screening Check.


2. Read your child’s Sound Blending or Book Bag Book with them daily using the suggested activities. The books are matched to your child’s phonic knowledge support their development of fluency. Documentation and videos to support you with this can be found below.

3. Share books with your child that inspire them to become a reader. Your class Bingo Books are perfect for this. 

Bingo Books are collection of high-quality literature for you to share and explore with your child. These books should be enjoyed like a bedtime story, snuggled up with you reading - putting on your best voices and bringing the story to life. They are an opportunity for you to show your child the fun and adventure that comes with being a reader. 

Bingo book boards can be found on class pages. 


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