School Dinners


Free school meals for all reception, year 1 and year 2 children.

Have a look at our menus and you will find all the food your child loves to eat - from Organic beef burgers to roast pork and apple, and mild, spicy sausage pasta. Salad is available every day plus a choice of healthy vegetables including broccoli, peas and sweetcorn.

Desserts include chocolate surprise muffins, yummy cookies, rice pudding, carrot cake, crumbles and custard. We’ve signed up to the NHS ‘5 a day’ campaign so there’s always fresh fruit available too, to make sure your child eats 5 fruit and vegetable portions daily.

Meals are nutritionally balanced to meet government guidelines, made in school by our professionally qualified catering staff. We use locally sourced ingredients where possible, such as bread from Roberts’s bakery and apples from local fruit farms. Our pork is quality assured, fish is from sustainable managed fisheries - and we now use free-range eggs.

We have a delicious range of vegetarian meals. So as well as providing the best food for your child we are also supporting local companies and reducing our carbon footprint too!

Giving your child a school lunch saves you time each day and is the easy way for you to be sure they are getting a good meal. Eating lunch at school also encourages children to socialise at meal times, develop good table manners and broaden their experience of foods. Go on give them a treat!

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Are you one of the thousands of people who could be claiming free school meals for your child?  Check out our Free School Meals page or call 0300 123 5012.


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