Year Group Overviews

Below are the 'Year Group Overviews' from Year 1 to Year 6 for our school. These give a brief overview of the themes covered.  Reception do not have planned overviews as they follow the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage curriculum. Where and when appropriate, they follow themes and topics that particularly interest or benefit a specific class or cohort. 

At Vine Tree Primary School we want our pupils to have a meaningful curriculum, which prepares them to be citizens of modern Britain, with PHSE at the forefront of our whole school curriculum intent. We aim to succeed and achieve together by providing a curriculum that inspires, challenges and empowers our pupils to reach their full potential.

 We aim for our curriculum to be

  • Broad and balanced with clear progression in subject knowledge and skills.
  • Relevant, filled with rich first-hand purposeful experiences, which are flexible and responsive to individual needs and interests.

Our curriculum is planned to meet the  needs of the children in Vine Tree Primary we aim to develop their understanding of our local context utilising the excellent cultural offer within our town and broadening their understanding of our region, our country and the world. We aim for our children to be inspired by learning about important people, places and events, to be challenged to have high aspirations for themselves in all aspects  of school life  and to empower them by giving them the skills them need to succeed now and in the future. 

Our focus on the basic skills of reading, writing and maths continues to be of upmost importance following the recent pandemic. Within school we have an increased focus on mental health and wellbeing and PSHE. We deliver a broad curriculum offer to all pupils.

We teach the National Curriculum, comprising the core subjects of: English, Mathematics and Science, along with the foundation subjects:  Religious Education, Computing, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education and French as our foreign language.

 The aims of our Curriculum are for children to:

  • Enjoy learning
  • To embed the application of basic skills in English and Maths
  • Allow writing to be meaningfully embedded
  • Provide opportunities for cross-curricular work (where meaningful)
  • Feel successful in their learning and to promote high self esteem
  • Become creative, independent learners
  • Be given significant time to learn new skills and have time to practise those skills
  • Know what their strengths are and which areas they need to develop
  • Become successful lifelong learners who are able to reach their full potential
  • Be able to evaluate and assess their own learning

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