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Y6 English Non-Negotiables

Y6 English Overview

Click link below for key writing and language focuses and spellings etc...

Y6 English 'I CAN' Posters


Dreams of Freedom

Dreams of freedom : in words and pictures

Book Video Part 1

Book Video Part 2

Writer's Toolkit

Amnesty International Activities and Resources


Martin Luther King Biography

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Writer's Toolkit




The website getepic.com is a great online library resource.

You can access books, e-books, audio books, quizzes, videos and lots more. 

Please use this as much as possible at home to support your child's reading. 

Logging in instructions can be found at the front of your child's homework book. The class code is below.


The terms and conditions of GETEPIC have changed since June.  There are now 2 options to explore the website:

  1. During/ Before school with Epic School: From 7am to 3pm, students can log in from anywhere using their class code and read for as long as they want between 7am to 3pm. Educators can access Epic School at any time or day. Epic School is always free for our educators.
  2. After school with Epic Free: In addition to all the reading time that they get with Epic School, students can also read after-school or after 3pm  for free on Epic Free. Epic Free is also available for students to access at any time on the weekends. But unlike Epic School, there is a limit of being able to read 1 book per day!  Also, students will need their parents’ help to unlock Epic Free with a parent email. Parents only need to provide their email address once during sign-up. There is no fee for for Epic Free. After the first log in, students can freely access Epic Free using the class code.  They will transition between Epic School and Epic Free, depending on the time of day.  

 Please click on the link below for in depth instructions on how to sign up for EPIC FREE. 

Get Safe, Unlimited Access to the Best Kids' Books | Epic (getepic.com) 

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